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Don't Even Try to Out-Picket Fence This Ultra Modern House

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Perfect for the family who's always dreamed of living inside a monster pleated skirt, this wacky little home in Kyoto, Japan, offers a wedge-shaped structure wrapped in narrow slivers of window that filter in slats of light. Though the constant shifting of zebra-like shadows frankly sounds more than a little aggravating—and probably like cause for either custom-made drapes or indoor beach umbrellas—the 3,182-square-foot dwelling is otherwise surprisingly simple and, well, normal. Architects Shintaro Fujiwara and Yoshio Muro decorated the entire interior space in various shades of white, with pale wood floors and minimal, amorphic furniture that's diametrically opposed to its spikey façade. Dezeen has more details, plus the full gallery, this way.

· House in Muko by FujiwaraMuro Architects [Dezeen]