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Seven Fantastic Lines About Rich People's Secret Room Craze

The Wall Street Journal, experts in all things expensive and unnecessary—ginormous closets! water features! tricked-out basements! teen lounges!—just ran a story all about secret rooms, which are experiencing a resurgence, particularly for wine cellars, kids rooms, and car parks. Here now, seven fantastic lines about the latest rich people home craze: hidey-holes built "for reasons of design, security and just plain fun." Oof.

7. "His bookshelf installation, for example, can be rigged to open via any number of mechanisms: twisting a wine bottle, pulling a candlestick, pushing on a book. 'Any kind of secret switch you've seen in a movie, I guarantee we've done that for a client before.'"

6. "The [...] company sells underground wine cellars built around a spiral-staircase design."

5. "'We have a client who really liked the glass trap door, but he doesn't want to see it all the time, so he keeps a nice rug over it.'"

4. "A secret door is cool, but the real fun is in how you open it."

3. "'I put valuables in there, and our food storage and guns.'"

2. "Hide and go seek just got real."

1. "Price: $25,000 to $100,000."

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