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Georgia Colonial With 45-Acre Horse Farm Wants $1.5M

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Sprawled across 45 acres of equestrian property in Monticello, Ga., and dripping in Southern opulence and downright prettiness, this restored Georgian manse looks like every horse-obsessed middle school girl's dream—if slightly out of her price range, at $1.5M. Originally built in 1840 (though seemingly meticulously maintained), the five-bedroom, 5,700-square-foot spread boasts original plasterwork, ceiling medallions, and column-lined halls, along with decor that stays firmly within the flowery, pastel-hued, Laura Ashley-approved realm. What'll get this place sold? Well, not the sunny interiors nor the pergola-covered pool nor even the gabled roof horse barns. Instead, just a peek at the grand porch that wraps around three sides of the home—perhaps the finest sweet tea drinkin' porch in all the South.

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