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Here's a Miniature Lego City Built by Team Zaha Hadid

Tired, perhaps, of Bjarke Ingels' unofficial status as Lego's favorite architect, reigning swoopitect Zaha Hadid's firm faced off last month against three other London-based practices in a Lego build-off organized by London Festival of Architecture. Zaha Hadid Architects was awarded Lego's top prize for a low-rise "live-work city" proposal for the London Docklands that, according to the firm, was not focused on "any particular building form," but allowed them to "play with different configurations from orthogonal high-rises to softer curved structures, which were particularly challenging to assemble." Indeed, going with a broad master plan could be seen as a pretty essential move on their part; given the particular curvaceousness of her oeuvre, a Zaha Hadid design would be quite challenging to render in Lego. Which isn't to say that people haven't tried.

Stanton Williams' installation was voted the public's favorite.

↑ Architects hard at work.

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