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Singapore Grows the World's Largest Vertical Garden

Surprise of surprises, the huge backlog of plant-covered towers rendered over the last few years in an ongoing fit of green fever keeps on yielding actual physical buildings in this plane of existence. Milan's so-called "vertical forest" continues to impress, while in Sydney, the Patrick Blanc-designed biowalls are spreading along what's projected to be the tallest vertical garden in the world. For now, as of an April visit from Guinness World Records reps, the superlative of world's largest vertical garden is held by a condo tower in Singapore that goes by the name of Tree House, which has a lush exterior green wall measuring 24,638.59 square feet.

Completed in 2013 by property firm City Developments Limited, the 24-story condominium foregoes the wild-growing flower power of some other green giants with a trim, grassed-in exoskeletal facade. It's got 42 units, and boasts the kind of footprint-reducing bells and whistles that are increasingly becoming the boilerplate that goes along with this kind of venture: "heat-reducing windows," motion-activated lights, etc., etc. Beyond that, the project further bolsters Singapore's reputation as a Wild West for eco-aware architectural craziness, which was already at impressively high levels, given the OMA-designed, tree-covered Jenga towers and grass-topped fast food restaurants in the vicinity.

Bp6CQ95CMAALhSQ%20%281%29.jpg-largePhoto via Inhabitat

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