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This Comfy, Heated Chairlift Is Probably Nicer Than Your Couch

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Frosty chairlifts might be a thing of the past, as this winter Okemo Mountain Resort is debuting a fancy new $6.9 million chairlift that will whisk skiers 1,670 feet up the hill in a bright orange, heated bubble. Unlike a gondola that requires skiers to take off their gear, people can leave their skis and snowboards on while riding 6.4 minutes up the high-speed, six-pack bubble chairlift. A retractable, transparent dome will protect snow-lovers from the, uh, snow, and heated seating pads will keep your bum warm. The resort is also building a heated barn at the base of the lift to store the 113 new chairs, and the lift, made by Leitner-Poma, is scheduled to open in December.

What do you think Curbediverse? Are these comfy cozy lifts the new wave of the future or do you prefer the classic ice-cold, slow as molasses double chair?

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