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Brewing Up a Slick, Modern Home in a Former London Pub

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Though a rundown bar converted into a home doesn't sound quite as lovely as, say, a rehabbed church or schoolhouse, this sweet former pub in London looks bright, modern, and a whole lot less dank and sticky than would be expected. Renovated by local firm vPPR Architects, the boxy, single-story Garden Unit 02 sits between two historic buildings, with a roof terrace and private office in the back. From the street view, the rectangular structure doesn't look like a bar or a home, but rather a mysterious, slightly perforated gray box with a white trim.

Inside, the space is as colorless and sleek as any hip family home, but stands out all the same, thanks to some distinctive indoor-outdoor tiling and glassy ceilings. Architizer has the full gallery, right this way.

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