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PCMR Delays Woodward Park City Talks, Everyone Wonders What It Means For Lawsuit

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Park City Mountain Resort just announced a postponement in their talks with City Hall about building a ski and snowboard sports camp at the base area called Woodward Park City. There's no word on when talks might resume, but the delay occurs as PCMR and its parent, Powdr Corp., are caught up in a dramatic lawsuit centered on its lease of most of the ski area's terrain. The two sides are currently undergoing court-ordered mediation, so the big question remains: Is Park City delaying the Woodward plans because they are close to a deal with Vail/Talisker?

As one might expect, PCMR says that the Woodward Park City postponement has nothing to do with the Vail/Talisker lawsuit (confused about the lawsuit? Head over here for answers). In a prepared statement, PCMR President and General manager Jenni Smith said, "In our close work with the Park City Planning department in preparation for Woodward Park City, we are continuing to evolve our Master Development Plan, with particular attention to parking space and a proposed parking structure. As we move through this process carefully, we are taking the appropriate time to revise details of the development plan with pertinent community organizations and members."

PCMR says they will continue to "enthusiastically pursue" Woodward Park City.

Although Woodward Park City would be built on land not involved in the current lawsuit, the whole thing seems too convenient for coincidence. One of the scenarios that is likely being discussed in negotiations would be a Vail Resorts buyout of the parking lots and lower terrain. How this whole thing will effect the Woodward plans has yet to be seen.

PCMR added, ""In addition to continuing to refine our Master Development and Woodward Park City plans, we are currently in mediation with Vail Resorts to resolve the dispute over Park City Mountain Resort's upper terrain. We are committed to finding a resolution that works for both parties as well as the community."

What do you think, Curbediverse? Is this delay a sign that Vail and PCMR are close to a deal?

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