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Tiny Texas Micro Home Sits on 24 Acres of Lakeside Property

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If there was ever a way to make a 336-square-foot cottage look even smaller, plunking it down on a massive 24-acre property in West Point, Texas would absolutely be it. Currently listed for $499,900, the adorably petite home was built by a couple looking to avoid the pitfall "of grandparents saddled with enormous homes in their golden years" and instead follow the much cooler trend of building something manageable and eco-friendly on their sprawling, lakeside property. The result? A micro dwelling made from cedar posts, reclaimed wood and oxidized rust tin, with cozy, western-themed interiors and a sleeping loft. Though the property—complete with gardens, a gazebo, and a dock—looks charming as is, the brokerbabble rather brusquely dismisses the notion that a buyer might not want to build some showy, Texas-sized mansion on the vast acreage. Before that inevitable day, do take a look at the listing photos, below:

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