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The Outdoors Are Alive With the Sound of Music

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If there's one thing Liberace taught us, it's that there's no such thing as taking a personal obsession with music too far, even if that means piano-shaped mailboxes, piano-shaped bars, piano-shaped couches, and musical-staff-shaped front doors. None of these are quite as famous as the famous piano-shaped pool in Sherman Oaks, Calif. (↑), set behind the L-shaped home he designed himself and sold in 1958 after living there only a few years. While that property—which the entertainer has called "very push-button, very modern. . . . My taste was very sleek, up to the minute and, I guess, 'safe'"—is something of a famed local landmark, other iterations of musical landscaping aren't so widely known. Below: a veritable orchestra of instrument-shaped pools and gardens.

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