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Own Laura Palmer's House From Twin Peaks for $550K

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Director David Lynch is fond of saying that "Twin Peaks is still there," referring to the eerie, unforgettable Washington town that was the fictional setting of his criminally cancelled early-'90s supernatural detective drama of the same name, and how its considerable cult following keeps it alive in hearts and minds and on Tumblr. One central piece of Twin Peaks is still here, in a less metaphorical sense, and was in fact listed last week for $549,950: the Everett, Wash., four-bedroom that was the fictional home of Laura Palmer, the all-American high school student whose mysterious death at the beginning of the series kicks off all the scarcely intelligible off-the-rails surreality to come.

Anyone who stuck the series out all the way through—or at least watched the final Lynch-directed episode after skipping past the weirder stretches of season two, which is almost forgivable—should know that the listing misses out big-time in not making a White Lodge reference. Or, at the very least, mentioning the Twin Peaks connection at all. Instead, we're introduced to a "charming 1930s home" with "hardwood floors, crown molding, oversized rooms & timeless character." (To be sure, all that looks about right.) No, there aren't any Lynchean red drapes to be found here, but as the Welcome to Twin Peaks blog points out, a few pieces of furniture are still recognizable from its TV appearance. And it looks like a fine place for cherry pie and black coffee.

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