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SoCal's 'European Manor' is a Terrible Replica of Everything

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When talking about absurd real estate, sometimes one must simply lay bare the treasures amassed in the brokerbabble. Such is the case with this "masterful blend of European architectural styles including Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco and Art Nouveau." Up for $18.95M, this "Exquisite European Manor" boasts a "façade inspired by Rome's Quattro Fontane, Louis XV replica front doors, marble floors imported from Italy, Versailles-inspired hallways, Mahogany doors, and original Michael Borisov murals," not to mention the "Art Deco elements" and "opulent rotunda." It was built, of course, in the culturally rich year of 1991.

But onto the important question: what kind of oligarch/misguided heiress/tax attorney dreamed up this eight-bedroom estate, complete with seven allegorical paintings in its 30-foot rotunda? Well, um, a dentist, actually. And his wife/assistant. As Curbed LA once wrote, "our hero-dentist Leonid Glosman and his wife Natalia moved to the US from Russia (where 'nobody has a house') in the 1970s, and bought the property on which they would build their dream home in 1988. By the following year the plans had turned into an epic neighbor beef that wound up in the LA Times."

To say it was an uphill battle to construct this homage to everything would be an understatement. The Planning Commission reviewed the plans every month, devoting more time to the house than any other project in front of them. The commission called it "looming," "dominating," and "wrong."

And think: it could all be yours for just $18.95M! But, first, the photos:

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