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Once-Foreclosed Georgia Home Emerges Looking Mighty Fine

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As is often the case when buying a home in foreclosure, the owners of this 1925 single-story in Decatur, Ga., hadn't even looked inside when they submitted their winning bid. Their new home, as it turned out, was a mishmash of misguided renovations and shoehorned faux-classicism, culminating in a pair of doric columns and a bay window that had no business being there. To rectify the situation, they hired local design-build firm TerraCotta Properties to work their magic. One full-scale overhaul later, and housicus renewicus, it looks like a dream.

To turn the facade into something coherent, TerraCotta brought in a new pair of columns, reshingled the roof, and replaced the bay window with French doors. Inside, one of the worst offenders was the fireplace, which apparently struck project lead Ili Hidalgo-Nilsson as "overly detailed for the house." In place of all the irrelevant detailing, the team installed a frame of Carrara marble, added in a herringbone hearth, and got red of the wall of built-in shelves to the left of the fireplace, adding another point of access to the living room.

TerraCotta went the "paint it black" route with the adjoining library, and replaced the French doors with more characteristically Southern pocket doors. The kitchen got a complete do-over with an "industrial undercurrent" running through it, while the dining room barely changed, aside from updated crown molding and a new coat of paint. The overall approach, according to Hidalgo-Nelson? "It had to be warm and cozy, but not fussy in any way."

Photos via Houzz

Photos via Houzz

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