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Little Red Riding Hood's Laguna Beach Getaway Wants $1.35M

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Outbid by a bunch of urbanite dwarves for Brooklyn's most charming cottage? Beat out by the three bears on that twee Netherlands lodge? Fear not! This wonderfully sweet "sophisticated artistic retreat" in Laguna Beach, Calif. looks straight out a fairly tale, and just hit the market for $1.35M. Custom built in 1997 by architect Gregg Abel, sculptor Marlo Bartels, and stained glass guru Craig Herbert, the 1,312-square-foot, two-bedroom home is so damn cute that even the brokerbabble adopts a sort of lulling bedtime story cadence (and not even the architect-written kind.) The little house offers a kitchen "reminiscent of those found in cottages along the French countryside," a stained glass window-lined "art alcove" and vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, handcrafted Dutch mahogany doors, and a wood-burning stone fireplaces throughout. Oddly enough, the true gem hides in the bathroom, where a shower stall made entirely from mosaics "lets you truly immerse yourself in a custom piece of Marlo Bartels' artwork." Take a look:

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