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Impeach the Decorator and Preside Over This Faux White House

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Why should Virginia get to have all the fun when it comes to ridiculously over-the-top White House knock-offs? Pushing the trend deeper south and proving once again that everything is indeed bigger in Texas, this 16,041-square-foot, four-bedroom estate is newly on the market for $19.5M. Originally built in 1996 and remodeled to its full presidential grandeur in 2003, the pillared home might not have an oval office, like certain truly nutso impostors out there, but nails the manicured front lawn and iconic fountain better than any of its patriotic predecessors. Inside, the decor looks positively unlivable in its fussy fanciness, but appealing—maybe—for those who like their home movie theaters, wet bars, and marble-hewn bathrooms with a heaping dose of confused, faux medieval style. Out back, there's also a koi pond, a massive swimming pool and spa, and tennis courts deluxe enough to make even the first family jealous. See it all, below:

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