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Mad-Colorful Brazilian Cabin Has All the Coolest Sundries

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Some houses get all the good stuff: hanging nest beds, outdoor furnitures wearing Native American war bonnets, horned Sérgio Rodrigues Chifruda chairs, window-framing circular bookshelves (arranged by color no less, which is not a moral failure). This Brazilian home was turned into such a preposterously "with-it" affair by designer Fábio Galeazzo, who found the place, according to Contemporist, in such a dilapidated state that "a sustainable framework of giant bamboo beams and columns" was needed to help keep it standing. After topping it off with a roof of "green thermal tiles" and putting in floors of timber and "exotic brown granite," Galeazzo and his team painted the walls with irregularly shaped swatches of color inspired by the paintings of Tarsila do Amaral.

Galeazzo's aesthetic, which once turned a São Paulo living room into an "Urban Forest," is in like company with that of other Brazillian designers with a knack for staying super on-trend. For close-ups on the rainbow ceramics and wall-clock trios that are his bread and butter, click on over to Contemporist.

· Urban Cabin by Fábio Galeazzo [Contemporist via Inhabitat]