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Finally, At Long Last, the Bauhaus Dollhouse Has Arrived

It was only a matter of time before a set of designers who take playtime waaaaay too seriously crafted a dollhouse as sleek and sophisticated as this bamboo and oak set dreamed up by a couple of moms in Warsaw. Wanting to offer their children toys that are both gender-neutral and high-quality—and not, say, pink or plastic—the pair turned to dual inspirations: the works of contemporary Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan and the aesthetic of Germany's Bauhaus school, which formed in 1919 to, as founder Walter Gropius proclaimed, "create a new guild of craftsmen" focused on the basic mechanics of design. How does that all translate to Polish toys of 2014? Boxy bungalows with large windows, colorless furnishings (including a Naguchi-ish coffee table), and pendant lamps.

But all this class doesn't' come cheap.

The one-room studio will set parents back around $272. The two-story set-up? Over $500. Hey, it's cheaper than the Zaha Hadid-designed dollhouse—that sophisticated "toy" went for $22,361. Oh, and don't worry, there's also the modernist dollhouse inspired by lauded Brazilian modernist Oscar Niemeyer, and that one only asks $65.

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