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Tour the Massive 'News' Room Where TMZ Does its Thing

Because TMZ's rabid reporters need a big ol' space to bandy about potential all-caps headlines on celebrities' worst dog walking outfits and Justin Bieber's facial hair, their cavernous HQ in L.A. centers around a 9,000-square-foot newsroom, with sky-high ceilings and too many TVs to count. Built by the cool office OG's at Rapt Studios, the massive office was designed to look like an old warehouse (apparently hard to find in the great L.A. area,) with plywood-panels, corrugated metal siding, and concrete floors. In an effort to make the faux-industrial workspace feel "celebrity-inspired," star maps of the city line the walls, as does a graffitied version of the hollywood sign.

Off to one side of the main news desk pit, communal eating areas strung up with "replica bombs" to "reference to the company's signature style of news reporting" make for what surely must be some tense co-worker lunches. Tour the full HQ, right this way.

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