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Abandoned Asylum Will Soon Become an Evangelical College

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In a plan clearly hatched by people who've never bothered to watch a single horror movie, the long-abandoned Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center in Wingdale, N.Y., was just bought up by a west coast-based evangelical Christian college Olivet University for $20M. Comprised of 80 brick buildings sprawled out across 800-acres of rural land, the hospital—which operated from 1924 to 1994—still offers crumbling remains of not just its dorms and medical centers, but also a nine-hole golf course, bakery, bowling alley, and ice cream parlor that all rival just about any other forsaken bit of architecture in the country in eeriness.

While Olivet's plans for the land are still somewhat mysterious, Business Insider reports that they will indeed keep the existing buildings, despite there being such disastrously high levels of asbestos and lead that the school faces $2.3M in fines for exposing workers to the dangerous elements. Find more information, and a whole lot of photos of the space pre-renovation, this way.

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