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'Urban Panache' Rules in This Georgian Manse in Nashville

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Frustrated by cramped quarters and desperate for a bit more green space for their three young children, longtime NYC inhabitants Jon and Keith Meacham chose to forgo city life in favor of a grand brick Georgian estate on nearly five acres in Nashville. With the help of Tenn.-based architect Ridley Wills and NYC interior-design team Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman, the couple's stately new home is a charming mix of Southern style, funky patterns (just count the wallpapers!) and what Elle Decor refers to as "urban panache."

Vintage treasures from both NYC and Nashville antiques stores—including a settee upholstered in horsehair from 1820 and a 19th-century Italian chandelier—give the home a classic feel, as does the fact that Jon, a Pulitzer Prize–winning historian, refused to make any additions to the structure. Says designer Courtney Coleman, "it is truly personal, from the acres of books to the Southern art to Jon's collections of political memorabilia." Do head over to Elle Decor for the full gallery.

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