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Ohio's Priciest House Offers 'French Provencal' For $7.7M

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America's long, proud history of Europhilic design is what we have to thank for this country's many Versailles knockoffs, not to mention designations like "'French Chateau via the Pacific Coast Highway." For a bit of Cincinnati-area "French Provencal," look no further than this 20,000-square-foot manor which, at $7.7M, also happens to be the most expensive home in Ohio. Step inside the "welcoming foyer," and the listing promises you'll "follow flooring of Brazilian cherry hardwood, Italian marble, Australian cypress, impressive inlaid hardwood and rich cashmere carpet" into a euphoric stupor induced by the overwhelming sense of "warmth and timeless elegance." Classical columns, meet "Napa Valley style wine cellar"; Napa Valley style wine cellar, meet taxidermy-filled living room; we're all friends here. Ahead, more views on this mighty six-bedroom, where the "four corners of the world" have finally "come together":

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