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$2.5M Florida Plantation House is Really, Really Into Toile

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Location: Amelia Island, Fla.
Price: $2,499,500
The Skinny: This North Florida home was built by a former Revolutionary War soldier in 1797, but no one will remember that historical factoid once they peek inside the outwardly staid white plank siding of Mount Hope Plantation. Inside this beautifully restored home on mossy, marshy Amelia Island—among the re-milled heart-of-cypress flooring, the Civil War-era fireplace, and the newly modernized kitchen—lurks a collection of blue and white porcelain plates and dinnerware that has not only colonized the walls, hutches, and counter spaces of the home, but has somehow metastasized it's ubiquitous floral pattern onto the bedclothes and sofas. If there were only the plethora of blue and white porcelain, that would in itself be fairly remarkable, but there's more: not content with cobalt oxide dyed dinnerware, the owners have, for reasons that can only be guessed at, given some rooms over to the less commonly seen red and white porcelain. This crimson ware not only decorates one of the four bathrooms, the wallpaper mimics the red and white patterns, and at this point the taxidermy room becomes a mere sideshow. The 5,400-square-foot home asks $2.499M.

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