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Drop $27.5M and Call This 'Versailles in Manhattan' Home

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After six unsuccessful years blipping on and off the market, this ludicrously overdone NYC palace—which the brokerbabble's long touted as "Versailles in Manhattan"—is back and asking $27.5M, down $7.5M from its original demand of $35M. Though the current homeowner once rather haughtily described lowering the price of a home as showing "that certain people are desperate to sell" and gauchely "need the money," the five-level Neo-Georgian townhouse, which listed for as little as $24.95M last may, apparently needs all the help it can get to find a buyer, despite offering such fancy amenities as a "sprawling parlor," mirror-lined gallery, and "two-storied glass atrium." Before the home inevitably disappears (or maybe even sells,) Take the full tour:

This way, to the listing photos. >>