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Absolute Ultimate in Boho-Modern Hostels is Yours For $585K

On offer for $585K (3,995,000 kr) is a converted circa-1910 sawmill outside Härnösand, Sweden, heavy on the exposed beams and whitewashed wood planks, full of vintage lighting fixtures, daintily curated walls of tools, and windowsills covered with succulents in tiny pots. In short, the Sauron's Tower of bohemian modern design trends, of the kind that dominate the Pinterests and Houzzes of the world, and have given us such social phenomena as the "shelfie." Just now the 17-room hostel has got a website is full of (Google-translated) suggested activities such as "hang in the hammock, sole crosswords in the garden, feed the chickens, dance on the porch, pat the sheep [!], or drink your coffee on the waterfront," this place truly deserves a tour:

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