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16th-Century Castle of Truly Regal Proportions Wants $16M

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Built in 1529, the staggeringly lovely Castello di Magona in Livorno, Italy, has housed an impressive array of royalty in its many years, the most notable of whom being Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopoldo II. Now on the market for $16M, the 13-bedroom, 26,909-square-foot castle offers the chance to follow in those regal footsteps and lord over 10 acres of Tuscan hilltop country, with rolling olive groves, a secret pool tucked behind a thicket of pine trees, and ridiculous views of the Mediterranean Sea and Elba Island in the distance. Inside the ivy-covered estate, original features like hand-painted frescoes, intricate tile work, and coffered ceilings are meticulously maintained and complimented by much-brocaded antique furniture, a whole lot of plaster busts, and even a couple suits of armor standing guard. Through the main foyer, the space opens up onto what Architectural Digest refers to as a "fresco dining space and sitting area, which overlooks the rose garden." See it in all its glory, below:

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