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Surprise! Ikea, Being Ikea, Gets All Trippy in its New Ad

Never one to shy away from a quirky ad campaign—past marketing efforts have, after all, included everything from crusading gnomes, to the creepiest living dolls ever to fold out a NORBO table—Ikea has just released a Shakespearean-inspired television commercial. Dreamy and slightly spooky, the short spot tracks the descent of a young woman falling through the sky and occasionally bouncing onto (conspicuously non-Ikea) floating beds and mattresses as a spoken word soundtrack from The Tempest plays. When the monologue comes to an end, the sleepy heroine finally lands in a stylishly tousled MALM bed, proving that good dreams come to those who chose Swedish-made flat-pack furnishings. Have a look:

The Video:

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