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Come Tour the Sweetest Renovated Cottage in Melbourne

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Proving once again that Australian 20-somethings put Americans to shame when it comes to first forays into homeownership, landscape gardener Daniel Stray bought this charming little Victorian cottage in Melbourne at the tender age of 20 years old, and has since spent the last seven years transforming it into a dream home to share with his wife, Kc. Originally moldy, unfurnished, and rundown, Stray enlisted locals architects Pleysier Perkins to practically start from scratch, adding a whole new floor and keeping only the façade untouched. "We kept the front façade and boundary wall of the original home," explains Stray. "From there we built a light filled modern industrial home within."

Made from reclaimed beams and flooring, the completed home is a veritable Where's Waldo hunt of interesting antique finds, including an old fashioned red Post Office box, vintage posters, and auction scores. Much of what isn't secondhand was actually custom designed by Stray to fit the home's unique, quirky-but-pared-down look. Take the full tour, this way.

· Melbourne Home: Daniel Stray and Kc Reynolds [The Design Files]