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Here's Bjarke's Twisting Tower Done as Meticulous Paper Art

Following in the footsteps of the paper architects (no, not that paper architect) who have recreated elaborate Buddhist temples, entire Inception-like cities, the Taj Mahal, and the apartment from Friends in detailed cut-paper miniatures, Czech-born, Hong Kong-based artist Tereza Hradilkova has given shape to a handful of iconic contemporary buildings in laser-cut greeting cards. For Porigami, he's also taken on at least one eye-catching structure that has yet to be built, Vancouver's 52-story Beach & Howe Tower, designed by maze-enthused Danish wunderkind Bjarke Ingels. Which, despite being widely referred to as a Bjarke's "Twisting Tower," doesn't actually twist, but still looks just as graceful rendered as a foldout menu. Head to Architizer for a close-up on Hradilkova's craft, and check out his depictions of works by contemporary heavyweights Herzog & de Meuron and Kengo Kuma below.

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