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Mobile Wooden 'Soul Box' Aids Your 'Search for Arcadia'

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In an ideal world, every prefabricated wooden micro-home that touts itself as perfect for transporting (via flatbed) one to a wooded glen and, uh, Walden-ing out in comes with a micro-manifesto as good as the one that accompanies studio Allergutendinge's three-level Seelenkiste, or "Soul Box." In a Google Translated statement, the firm describes their creation as a portable "research station" that creates an "ideal environment for desired withdrawal and self-reflection" from which to "embark on the search for Arcadia." What appears to be a hyper-adorable timber-lined perch filled with wonderful little cubbies is actually an aether-borne transport to the pastoral utopia at the heart of all mankind's pursuits. Good to know!

Fabricated off-site and pictured with what looks to be a twin-size Ikea mattress on the second level, the box o' soul has a ground floor devoted to cooking and dining. The study up top comes complete with two hatches that pop open for contemplation of the wonders of the natural world, or birdwatching, or, from the look of the photos, the grasping of ripe red apples right of the branch. No word on how it might be priced, or if the project was any more than a one-off, but even if it was, it will forever live on in our hearts, or, at the very least, in our ever-growing index of places to find utopia.

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