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Old San Fran Victorian is a 'True Legacy' for $12.75M

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While Victorian estate homes are pretty much always extremely ornate and lovely, this 19th century market newcomer in Atherton, Calif., stands apart due to both its rich history as one of the first homes in the entire town, and its cache of hidden design perks. Listed for $12.75M, the seven-bedroom Fennwood Estate boasts 8,380 square feet sprawled across nearly two acres, with a secluded, two-bedroom guesthouse off to one corner, a dramatic four-story tower at the rear of the home, and what has to be one of the most inviting verandas in the state. Inside, the decor is an odd mix of ultra-formal—even bordering on stuffy for those who don't have much patience for wallpaper—and newly, lifelessly renovated. Still, its also chock-full of unexpected stained-glass skylights, intricate moldings, and a marble-clad fireplaces. Take a look, this way:

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