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Five Great Quotes From a One-Minute Karim Rashid Interview

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On the list of things prolific designer Karim Rashid (and his fan-base) loves, plastics and his own enigmatic wisdom must be constantly vying for the No. 1 slot (just in front of beautiful Kool-Aid colors and asymmetric blobs). Interior Design magazine recently sat down with the pink-loving font of wisdom and "Sparkle Krib" creator to catch up about his new chair design, which is made from polymers derived from açaí fruit—mixed with wood fiber and then injected and molded. What followed is 1 minute and 24 seconds of philosophizing on the democracy of those materials, a few of the best lines from which are below:

5. "There's probably 10 reasons why I like plastic."
4. "[Plastic] is democratic, meaning if you want to make something for mass market, polymers are the way to go. You can make things for mass production, low cost, and that can affect everybody's lives."

3. "This is beautiful, that you can get polymers that are derived from resources that are renewable, number one, and, number two, things we don't need to consume. We don't need sugar."

2. "I was trying to develop a half a chair [...] Then we dropped that idea and just made the chair, just moulded into two blobs."

1. "That chair is probably the first chair in the world made of açaí fruit."

The full video is right this way.

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