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Staid U.K. Home Probably Just Ate Its Modern Neighbor

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As is all the rage with London townhouse renovations, the recent interior makeover of this Winchester, England, home also came with a very modern extension, making the whole thing look as if a minimal glassy abode was half-swallowed by a jealous neighbor. Winchester's AR Design Studio describes the original dwelling as a "tired building with a confusing layout," whose outmoded insides were holding it back from becoming the "five-bedroomed family home that it desperately needed to be." Now, the double-height entryway leads right into a free-flowing, simplified communal area opened up by the timber-wrapped addition, which looks out onto the backyard through a large expanse of sliding glass. A floor-level concrete plinth in back connects the combined living room and kitchen directly to the outdoors, while upstairs, a "tongue in cheek use of Foscarini's Gregg pendant lights give a feeling of being up in the clouds, adding to airy and spacious feel of the central space." Hit the gallery to get a closeup on all this airiness, and visit Design Milk for more.

· The Runners House By AR Design Studio [Design Milk]