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An Airstream Rehab to Charm Even the Harshest Hipster Critic

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What's truly amazing about this overhaul of a 1979 Airstream aluminum trailer, a transformation recently chronicled by the hipster-chic powerhouses over at Design Sponge, is not, in fact, its rather remarkable gut renovation. It's not its reclaimed redwood paneling, its genius use of old school lockers, or the fact that, before "makers" Mackenzie Edgerton and Blaine Vossler got a hold of it, it was little but old carpeting, "rubbish," and no shortage of "green slime." The greatest thing about it is that, even in a design world where cutesy trailers and microhomes are popping up faster than one can say "fold-down dining table," the heart still stalls at the now-over-fetishized wanderlust and cultivated rusticity this particular project epitomizes. The thought of sitting on those flannel stools, under that animal skull and American flag, writing by the light of an exposed bulb—damn it all, it still appeals. Good work, maker folk.

Photos via Design Sponge

The pair furnished most of their new live-work space—in which they will be putt-putting around the country—in finds from flea markets and salvaged yards. The sink is vintage, the redwood boards "hand-picked" from "a fencing company in Northern California" and a bison skull in Sedona, Ariz. The coolest changes, however, are those made by the midcentury ballot boxes, which were turned into stools and reupholstered in "a plaid blanket we got in San Francisco."

Photos via Design Sponge

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