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Apparently the Office of the Future is a Giant Boulder

The jury's still out on whether sitting at a desk all day, like most things in life, is slowly killing you. But the Amsterdam-based architects of RAAAF have teamed up with artist Barbara Visser to take the phenomenon of the standing desk to its only logical conclusion: an office that is itself a giant climbable desk. Because what better way to compile that list of actions items for the QA team than in a triangular cranny atop a huge artificial boulder?

You might want to stand up for the team's description of what's been titled the Outstanding Landscape of Affordances, which begins, like the animated mockup, by stating that "sitting kills." What this work-in sculpture—commissioned by the government of the Netherlands to be built later this year for an exhibit—purports to offer is "a thousand different possibilities for working in positions between standing and laying," which might somehow "promote concentration" once the office workers of tomorrow have gotten used to the idea of working from the center of an artificial hive.

A few years from now, when the kooky, verdant tech offices of today have all made the switch, even the Superdesk will seem quaint.

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