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Decorator Charlotte Moss Turned a Spec House Into This

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Disenchanted with her search for the perfect summer home and desperate for an escape from the city, renowned decorator Charlotte Moss took matters into her own hands and transformed this East Hampton, N.Y., spec home into what Veranda calls, "a full-blown paradise that's quintessentially Charlotte." Featured Veranda's most recent issue, the "classically well-bred and meticulously turned-out summer residence" combines Moss' impressive antiques collection—including a 19th-century English lantern and vintage French botanical paintings—with a sumptuous mix of upholsteries done in contrasting fabrics and patterns. Over all, the effect looks like a brighter, airier version of her impeccable "winter home" in Aspen, with the same commitment to classic style and all-out prettiness.

It was a quarter-century ago that Moss first stepped into the spec house, a mess of a property with "postmodern columns and track lighting." Whether it was out of desperation—she'd spent the last few years searching for a Hamptons retreat—or thanks to imaginative powers great enough to gain access to the X-Men (probably both), Moss knew she'd be able to transform it entirely. Plus, the siting of the house was "sublime."

From there, Moss souped it up in the way she's known for, with layered decor details that imbue a type of classiness made popular in 1990s—full of stuff, yet somehow uncluttered. Or, as Veranda writes, "It's Jackie and Marilyn—a classically well-bred and meticulously turned-out summer residence, but with powerful come-hither enticements."

"I'm a collector," Moss says. "You know when you lock eyes with a person? I've been locking eyes with objects my entire life." Veranda has the full gallery, right this way.

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