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Seussian Miami Beach Condo of Your Dreams Wants $5.1M

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Location: Miami Beach, Fla.
Price: $5,100,000
The Skinny: Looking exactly like the dreamscape of a delirious child who's sleeping off an overdose of high-grade spun sugar direct from Chuck E. Cheese's cotton-candy-maker, this love child of Dr. Seuss, artist Patrick Nagel, and Beetlejuice's interior designer Otho Fenlock is here to gently blow your mind. Perched high above Miami Beach, this condo eschews comfort and sanity in favor of oddball geometric forms on the terrazzo floors and furniture which is just exactly wrong enough to make a prospective sitter think twice before taking a load off. The views are stupendous, if the unrelenting blue of the kitchen doesn't put you off looking at the sky forever, and aficionados of Seinfeld title cards and Buzzfeed optical illusion quizzes will no doubt appreciate the opportunity to experience headache-inducing color and shape combinations firsthand and IRL. The three-bedroom, four-bathroom unit also comes with access to the building's amenities, including four pools, a spa, and "classes and lectures seven days a week," which sounds like it could be fun? It's asking $5.1M.

· 6899 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Fla. [Zillow]
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