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What's Going On With the Park City Mountain Resort Lawsuit?

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After a plethora of news in June, many of you have been wondering why there's been relatively few dramatic stories breaking out of Utah's most famous mountain town. On June 19 we reported on a key legal decision in the PCMR-Talisker lawsuit that has everyone freaked out and caused PCMR to threaten to dismantle all the lifts. But what's happened since then and where does the lawsuit stand now, two months later?

On June 19, the judge presiding over the PCMR/Powdr Corp-Talisker/Vail Resorts battle signed an order clearing the way for Park City Mountain Resort to be evicted from the mountain. However, the judge also granted a reprieve from the eviction until at least August 27. At that time, the court will decide whether or not to continue the reprieve. Until then, the judge has ordered both sides to mediation.

So what's going on with mediation? No one knows. Here's what both sides have to say:

Vail Resorts:

"We understand everyone's concern and interest in the status of the dispute with PCMR and we appreciate all the questions and requests we get from the community and the media," the statement says. "While we would like to keep everyone updated, we have now entered into a court-ordered mediation process, which is strictly confidential under Utah law. Neither party may comment on these (discussions), either now or in the future."


"PCMR supports the Court's order for mediation by an independent third party, and is committed to reaching a resolution that works for the parties and the community. Since the mediation process is confidential, we are not commenting on its status."

A few weeks ago, PCMR took the first step toward taking the lawsuit to the Utah Supreme Court, but PCMR attorneys said it was merely a precautionary measure.

PCMR also delayed talks about building a ski and snowboard sports camp at the base area called Woodward Park City. Everyone wondered whether the delay meant that PCMR and Vail might be close to deal, but PCMR representatives vehemently denied these rumors.

And finally, Talisker Land Holdings and Vail Resorts announced last week that they would not oppose a request by PCMR to hold-off on the eviction order until the lawsuit has been decided. In what could be just another smooth PR move, Vail Resorts released the following statement:

"Talisker does not believe that a stay is productive in this situation given how long this legal process has already taken and the remote likelihood of PCMR's success on appeal. However, Talisker and Vail Resorts are very mindful that uncertainty regarding the 2014/2015 ski season is taking a toll on the Park City community."

The statement also said Talisker Land Holdings, LLC wants the judge to "hold a hearing to set the appropriate bond amount as soon as practical so that PCMR can quickly make their decision as to whether they intend to post such bond that would allow them to continue operating next season."

So that's where we stand, Curbediverse. Mediation is ongoing and so now, we wait.

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