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Petra Ecclestone Wants a Whopping $150M for The Manor

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Just three years after Petra Ecclestone Stunt spent $85M—and $20M in renovations—on the famous Spelling Manor in ritzy Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, the real estate whaling Formula One heiress is reportedly sick of the 56,500-square-foot megamansion. The L.A. Times reports that Stunt has given a pocket listing to a select few area realtors with an $150M price tag, which is the same amount that former owner Candy Spelling was after back in 2010. In an alternate universe where anyone would pay that much for "The Manor," this would make her absurd 27-bathroom mansion the most expensive estate ever sold in the U.S.

Unsatisfied with the way seller Candy Spelling had left the place (with an infamous giftwrapping room and doll museum), Stunt set about renovating it to her taste, which cost her $20M, but took just nine weeks to complete, thanks to a construction crew of 500 workers. So, should a buyer arise, they won't merely be shelling out for a circa-1991 mansion built by super-producer Aaron Spelling, but for classy new features like "a sculpture by Marc Quinn of twin Pamela Andersons in bikinis," and a revamped entryway akin to a "massive VIP lounge," where "dark velvets line the walls, and little crystals sparkle everywhere." It seems as if Stunt is committed to achieving what Candy Spelling never could, but barring that, will settle for outdoing Fleur De Lys, the L.A. mansion that sold for $102M in March; TMZ hears that she's willing to negotiate as long as the sale price stays above that figure.

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