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Canada's Mount Baldy Seeks Buyer to Save 2014-2015 Season

Mount Baldy, the tiny British Columbian ski resort just north of the Canadian/United States border, is for sale and needs a buyer quick. The ski area didn't open last year due to an absolutely abysmal snow season, and since then the current owners (known as Mount Baldy Ski Corp) have been struggling to find a way to continue operations. Now, G-Force Real Estate Inc. of Vancouver is running the foreclosure sale of most of the ski area's assets. And they need a buyer soon if the resort is going to open for the upcoming ski season.

Mount Baldy currently has two chair lifts and a magic carpet serving 750 acres of skiable terrain, 1,300 vertical feet, and 30 runs. The resort sits at nearly 5,700 feet, which makes it one of the higher base elevations in British Columbia. Although the base area is tiny, there are 120 cabins and condos and one day lodge.

Any perspective buyer, however, would likely be more interested in Mount Baldy's development potential than its current state. The government of British Columbia has already approved a master plan to expand the resort to a four-season destination. Mount Baldy's master plan includes 13 new ski chairs that would access an additional 4,400 acres, 2,300 vertical feet, and 150 runs. There's also access to 5,500 acres in the backcountry. The ski area wants to build an 18-hole golf course and a water park, because water parks seem to be the next big thing in ski development.

The G-Force Group says that all serious offers will be considered, but there's no word on a potential listing price.

So…any billionaires out there want to buy a ski resort?

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