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A Secret Garage Passageway Leads to This Cozy Treehouse

In case there was any doubt as to German treehouse firm Baumraum's position as all-mighty ruler of arboreal architecture, this latest model proves that not a single competitor—no matter how regal, radically hued, or eco-friendly—can out-weird the submarine-in-the-sky creations the firm continues to churn out. This particular 36-foot-high structure, for example, eschews rickety old roper ladders in the name of a winding Dr. Seussian staircase that starts in a hidden spot in the garage and snakes right up into the wood and corrugated steel-lined balcony that surrounds the oak-supported hut. Inside, there's a jutting sleeping cabin with a double bed, a small sitting area, and a peaceful window seat. See it all, below:

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