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With Photo Magic, Famous Buildings Face the Apocalypse

Cashing in on the "fascination in catastrophe and disaster" that keeps the internet well-stocked in ruin porn and eerie abandoned building photography, Ukrainian photographers Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva used photo manipulation to hurl famous architectural icons into desolate wastelands, resulting in bleak, seriously surreal new landscapes. Called Apocalypse in Art, the series explores how the threat of the end of the world "holds sway over modern culture and slowly infects everything around us," including the art society produces. For this reason, the artists mainly targets famous museums, including a cliff-hanging Guggenheim Museum, a sandstorm wracked Pompidou Center and, SANAA's waterlogged New Museum as it drifts out to sea. Ponder Armageddon—or just check out some spooky photos—below:

· Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva visualize an architectural apocalypse [Design Boom]