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16th-Century Castle Comes With a Tiny Replica of Itself

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Plunked right down in the middle of two canals in Gestel, Belgium, the elaborately-moated Castle Gestelhof is newly on the market for a regal $27M. Called "a work of art you can live in" by the excitable brokerbabble, the 20,989-square-foot, 12-bedroom kingdom harks back to the 16th century, according to Architectural Digest, but underwent a series of renovations in 1796 and a few additions right around the beginning of the 20th century. These days, the government-protected monument stands out from its royal brethren thanks to interiors that deviate from the normal castle fare—medieval drapery, suits of armor, and the like—and instead opt for an oddly appealing pastiche of Egyptian sculptures, big game taxidermy (look out the elephant foot side table,) intricate hand-carved stone walls, and a whole bunch of period artwork to round out the look. Outside there's a pool and patio area, as well as a minuscule castle replica that's sure to delight young heirs to the throne (or princely pups.) Take a look:

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