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Explore a 20-Room Treehouse Designed as 'Social Sculpture'

Though they had the help of over 200 volunteers in putting it together, according to the self-described "intervention and research" collective known as raumlaborkorea, their village in miniature isn't technically complete. That's because Open House was planned as a kind of "social sculpture" that the residents of Anyang, South Korea, can continue adding to, a "self-learning laboratory, constantly in creation and transformation for the collective research of the open community." This quasi-treehouse—these days, the term seems to encompass all kinds of buildings that, though whimsical and amazing, aren't technically supported by trees—is currently made up of over 20 micro-cabins on 5 metal platforms, and includes a bike rental shop, a playground, recycling stations, a vegetable garden, a green house, community gardens and a tea room. Clambor up, this way:

· Open House: A 20 Room Vertical Treehouse Village in Korea
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