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Inside the Cultivated Vintage Toyland of Artist Danny Brito

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One look inside Florida-based artist Danny Brito's Etsy shop, a cultivated madhouse with all the color and gaiety of a candy store, and you immediately want to know what's inside his home. Yogi bear? Hello Kitty? A stuffed slice of pizza? Yes, yes, and yes. A Beautiful Mess got the whole tour—unreal Pyrex collection, plaid sofa, and $15 vintage radio included. "Every single piece of furniture has been thrifted. I don't buy new pieces because I feel like they don't have any character at all. I think the most expensive piece of furniture I have is my plaid sofa, which was $45, and it's a sleeper sofa!"

↑ His Pyrex collection, one of his favorite things about his house, "honestly happened accidentally. I had a few pieces that my grandma had passed down to me, and every now and then I would find some more while thrifting. I thrifted the vintage hutch for $40 one day and filled it within the year."

↑ What is it about collection showcasing that is so visually compelling? (Well, sometimes.) Maybe it's the fact that this gallery wall includes tacked-up stuffed animal monsters.

↑ To continue the vintage kitsch theme, he's hung a giant American flag in his bedroom.

↑ His office used to be the dining room. For the full tour, head to A Beautiful Mess.

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