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Bark-Covered Houseboat Looks Like a Treehouse Lost at Sea

Imagine for a moment the utter strangeness fellow sailors must feel when floating past this bark-covered, porthole-punctured houseboat docked in Seattle. Between its boxy shape and truly bizarre siding, the place looks like an almost charming (even trendy?) combination of a treehouse and a submarine. While the sides of the home facing neighboring homes are alarming window-free—meant to offer more privacy than the average houseboat—KDF Architecture and Conard Ramano Architects built floor-to-ceiling glass doors that face out over the lake and provide access to the outdoor deck space.
Unfortunately for the little residence, the interiors are a bit of a miss, skipping right past fun and quirky houseboat-chic to a just plain unfortunate mess of amber quarts, cloudy onyx, and wood paneling. Take a closer look both inside and out, right this way.

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