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Supremely Odd Late-Aughts Suburban Chimera Asks $1.48M

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In Curbed Chicago's estimation, this circa-2008 Glenview home is what you get when you combine "modernism, postmodernism and contemporary schools of architecture together." Honestly, it's hard to tell what's going on here. From the front, it looks like a case of "hey, you got your Libeskind shapes in my early-career Bob Stern," but that says nothing of the clean, oh-so mid-aughts interior. In that respect, it has a lot in common with a comparably priced Dallas home; both were wrought in the long shadow of '90s design, both are probably a bit too wacky for the McMansion set, and not wacky enough for the architecture enthusiast of questionable taste. Back in 2009, this four-bedroom was listed with a $799K ask, and now it's back with a redoubled post-recession price of $1.48M. Check out the highlights below, including a surprisingly swell indoor pool, and visit Curbed Chicago for the rest.

· Own This Suburban Architectural Mashup For $1.48M [Curbed Chicago]
4735 Lilac Ave