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One-Room Design Studio Blends Right Into the Woods

In a pretty spot-on riff on their own name, U.K. architecture firm Invisible Studio built themselves an office with a transparent wall of polycarbonate panels and a frame of untreated logs harvested from the forest surrounding their site, near Bath, England. Taking a cue from camouflaged buildings the world over, they've ended up with design that almost fits into its locale a little too well. To build the studio, the firm enlisted friends and neighbors, none of whom had any previous construction experience, employing unskilled labor techniques and working from minimal drawings for a kind of forced simplification of process and product that "embraced ad hoc discoveries and in-progress decisions."

Elevated above an outdoor workspace, the single-room upper level is accessed by a wooden plank bridge. Not only was the interior left in a purposefully unfinished-looking state, but "any mistakes that resulted from the amateur nature of the fabrication team were left unconcealed in the finalized structure." Which is certainly one way of making a space your own.

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