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Minimalist Studio Makes For an Unlikely House For Dolls

Since doll collector's houses (almost) always subscribe to a scary, hoarder-esque school of design—think dozens of unblinking eyes peering down from every last open surface—this starkly modern home and atelier in Minoh, Japan, is a welcomed game changer. Designed by Japanese office UID Architects, the Atelier-Bisque Doll home eschews solid walls in favor of angular "belts" that wrap around the structure and even extend out into the front yard to create a sort of "floating" fence illusion. In the areas not partitioned off by these half walls, glazed glass panels and strategically placed courtyard zen gardens (an UID speciality) stand in for some extra privacy.

The home's doll-making workshop lines one porch at the front of the home, providing an open-air space with large tables, low shelving, and—of course—a couple of dolls hanging about. "The request was for an atelier that can be used as a gallery, and at the same time function as a studio," explains the design team. "Additionally, it should be a space where the owner's friends, who are often invited, can gather." See it all, this way.

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