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Five Times Interiors Stole the Show in Fashion Photography

While models are the purported stars of high-fashion photography, any bona-fide design nerd can attest to the fact that really killer locations can easily outshine their waify competition. Need proof? Consider, for example, Anthropologie's time honored tradition of scouting out the perfect crumbling locales for their catalogues, or photographers Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari's retro tome of nude models in repose against '60s and early '70s decor. In a similar vein—albeit less boho and more, uh, clothed—check out the work of L.A.-based photographers Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud of JUCO, who, as they say in an email, seek out "timeless" interiors "that have an imagination and a human inconsistency to them." Take a peek at some of the prettiest interiors (and the models doing their best at blocking them) in fashion photography, below:

(↑) JUCO shot a "housewife" themed spread for singer-songwriter Marina and the Diamonds at Galdo's brother's home in the L.A. "My brother and I both love mid century furniture and he is an avid collector," says Galdo of the home. "He bought it with most of the original wall paper and kitchen appliances still intact from the 1950s."

(↑) JUCO shot at the Pink Motel in L.A. for an online retailer called Lulu's. "We always wanted to shoot there and one day we were lucky enough to have a client request the location," says the team of the retro, brightly hued lodge. "It was quite a coincidence."

(↑) Lulu's also chose a Hollywood Hills home with equally vintage, heavily gilded decor for their fall Campaign. (It's the same place pictured in the photo up top.)

(↑) Pulled from editorials entitled "Macaroons," (left) and "Flight Patterns," (right) both images called for heavily printed backdrops. "For 'Flight Patterns,' we simply went off of what was on the run way and picked backgrounds from there," says Galdo. "The 'Macaroons' shoot was centered around pastel colored hair, so we bought vintage wall paper based on those colors."

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