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Office in a Volcanic Crater Isn't, in Fact, a Bond Villain's Lair

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In most un-villain-like fashion, this facility designed by Oto Arquitectos employs a dark matte color to blend right into the barren volcanic landscape under Pico do Fogo, the highest peak in the Cape Verde archipelago, so as to leave its blasted aesthetic undisturbed. According to Design Boom, the building's lighting is even intended to "radiate minimally to its context," to leave the native bird population undisturbed. Entirely too thoughtful to be the home office of an Alec Trevelyan or a Le Chiffre, the headquarters of the Fogo Island National Park nonetheless wears its Bond villain vibes proudly.

Being crafted with local materials by nearby townspeople is probably another strike against its evilness, but the parallels just keep lining up. It has "offices and laboratories for technicians." It's entirely off the grid, and uses a photovoltaic array as its main power source. And of course there's the half-buried, modernist look. All we're saying is that if Oto Arquitectos are ever looking for more work, there's an untapped market for villains in need of better lairs.

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